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Amy Dixon Bio

Amy is a qualified divorce and relationship coach, mum of two and a divorcee. She draws on broad life experience as much as her personal skills in her coaching sessions.

Following a career in property and a corporate CEO, Amy now applies all her career skills to her passion of helping people. 

As a lone parent, Amy has raised two girls to adulthood following a complicated divorce when her children were very young. 

Amy self represented in court, has battled a long standing issue of co-parent child rejection, has successfully stabilised post financial divorce and has continued to study how best to coach young people to cope with separated parents over 14 years. 

Amy can assist with:

Emotional and stress support

Co parenting strategies


Guidance for court cases & hearings


Child contact and parental alienation


Managing conflict & improving relationships


Guidance to keep legal fees at a minimum


Property, business and financial planning guidance


Regaining clarity & personal well being


Help to understand the divorce process


Empowering you to have better relationships 


How to enlist a solicitor 


How to self represent in court 

'Amy made sense at a time when nothing did' 

Co-parenting Courses 

Amy's co-parenting courses provide you with the skills required to effectively co-parent. Sometimes the completion certificates are provided to the family court to assist to parent to substantiate evidence of up-skilling and recognition of co-parenting.

Blogs and podcasts 

Amy's free to subscribe blogs and podcasts are available from this site, keep upto date with opinion, what's new and inspiration right here. 

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