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  • What should I expect to gain from coaching?
    You should feel empowered and able to take steps forward to where you want to be. Become 'unstuck' and focus on moving towards your goals.
  • How much does coaching cost?
    Online coaching is £95 per hour, your first half hour discovery call is free.
  • What is relationship and divorce coaching?
    Personally tailored, one to one coaching to help you through a relationship difficulty or divorce. A relationship and divorce coach has specialist skills and knowledge in the supporting you at a changeable time.
  • What if I would like face to face coaching?
    Amy does provide face to face coaching across various centres in the midlands, UK. Please use the 'make an appointment' page to enquire about face to face coaching.
  • How many coaching sessions will I need?
    Some people have only one - three sessions to feel back on track, others may wish to have support over years. This is individual and personal to you. There is no requirement to decide how many session you may like as you begin.
  • How does online coaching work?
    Coaching from the comfort of your own home via video call. You can join the session on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC. You will be sent the link to your email prior to the coaching session start time.
  • Can the online course be broken up into smaller chunks?
    Yes, you can stop and start the course to fit around you.
  • What are Co-parenting courses?
    The online course is 6 hours of useful information and learning to help you get the most out of co-parenting. The course certificate can be provided to your mediator, your solicitor or the family court.
  • Are courses available face to face?
    Yes, courses are held from March to October in various locations across the united kingdom. This can be a chance to train and meet others in a similar circumstance. Certificates of attendance can be provided to your mediator, solicitor or the family court.
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