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What Does a Divorce Coach Really Do?

Divorce coaching is a specialist form of coaching, usually lead by those who are therapists or counsellors, who have later specialised specifically in the area of divorce and interpersonal relationships.

In reality, divorce coaches have varying styles and fundamentally represent different things to different people, all divorces are personal but that's the real super power of coaching over any other therapy. Coaches have personal development as their very core value, empowerment and self esteem are the main goals.

Personally, I try to empower my clients to be definitive in their decisions, move forward, perhaps forgive themselves, co parent with inner peace, self represent in court if they choose or direct their solicitors with clarity, cope with the stress of pre or post court and be the best they can be given the circumstances.

Truth is, divorce can de-rail you. It can be the first time that emotions truly take control of actions and that can be a scary feeling. A divorce or relationship break-up can pass through many phases and the journey can feel like a marathon that can feel endless.

My role as divorce coach is to keep your head above water, keep you moving through the storm and clear out the other side, once there, I can help you to understand who you have become, who you want to be, what you want and need and work towards your personal goals, whatever they may be.

I use thorough knowledge of the legal system you face so I can give factual advice, I use personal experience to align with your emotions and coach you to a better emotional state, I identify the decisions you may be making with an emotional driving force and we work together to ascertain if they really are the best decisions for you and what you want.

I have good knowledge of mediation, the pros and the cons, what to expect and how to the get the best out of it, including how to stay out of court. I know and understand how child orders can work with you and against you, I know and understand section 7 reports, the difference between CAFCASS and private social workers and the pit falls of both.

I understand the stress these reports bring and can give you the power to be the best you can be, I use role play to gain the clarity you need to get through the interviews.

I understand the costs of a solicitor, going to court, barristers and the whirlwind of ever rising expense and by making decisions in coaching sessions together with complete clarity, the legal bills can be reduced significantly.

I can help you dial down emotion, focus on maintaining a clear mind and together we make sense of all that is happening. I am well versed in co-parenting skills, I understand just how exhausting and difficult some situations can be and I can help you focus on the future and the bigger picture, regaining focus on your children.

I work to gain self belief in moving forward as a single parent and feeling ready to move on and perhaps having the courage for a new relationship.

Ultimately, I am 'for you and you only'. Your sessions are for your benefit entirely, we may organise and strategize one session and deal with emotion the next.

My clients report they feel better, save money and move forward more positively following sessions.

The testimonials below help describe how coaching has helped these individuals in different ways.

'Thanks Amy for all your, knowledge, compassion and sound advice. You empowered us to have strength and faith in ourselves, when we were so overwhelmed and couldn't see a way forward. We will be forever grateful'.

'Having been referred to Amy in my recent divorce, she was able to unfog and declutter my mind to focus on the things I can control and to let others take care of the rest. Amy is truly a breath of fresh air, extremely professional, but very empathetic and I felt like she lifted the weight of the world off my shoulders. I would highly recommend Amy and would like to thank her for her help and support'.

Amy Dixon

Divorce and Relationship Coach

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